Check and Repair DBF Files

Frequently asked questions about “Check and Repair DBF Files”

Will you further develop the program “Check and repair DBF files”?

Yes, in the next version, we’ll add the ability to reencode character fields, from any encoding to any user generated encoding.

DBF Data Import for ORACLE

Frequently asked questions about “DBF Data Import for ORACLE”

What is the optimal way to load a lot of DBF files into one ORACLE table?

You can use SQL * Loader to import data, with the following import settings:
Exclude pre-processing check (before SQL * Loader) – Checked
Use Direct Path Loads: – Checked
Use unrecoverable: – Checked
Modes import data: – APPEND

 Why DBF file is not loading?

Check the file structure with the program “Check and repair DBF files”.
The Demo of that program, checks and shows errors in DBF file headers.
Perhaps this is the problem.

Will you add the possibility to change field names and formats (at a loading stage)?

No, the main objective of this program is to quickly import data from DBF files. The change of field names and formats is much easier done in the Oracle database.