DBF data import for ORACLE

The Program DBF data import for ORACLE is a professional tool that can be used for import or preparation for import of DBF-files of family of programming languages xBase (FlagShip, FoxBase, FoxPro, Clipper, dBaseIII +, dBaseIV, dBaseV, Visual FoxPro) in ORACLE database.

Current Version 1.4

The basic features of the program are:

  • Loading of a DBF file or a group of DBF files in one or in different ORACLE tables.
  • Preparation of scripts or DOS command files for import on other computers with access to ORACLE database.
  • Import hundreds of DBF files into a single ORACLE table, with just a few mouse clicks. With the ability to save the relationship between the DBF file and the information loaded in the ORACLE table.
  • There are various import project templates for various occasions. It is enough to change the path and the selection mask for DBF files and the ORACLE database connection settings.
  • Creating additional fields (record number, a indicator of removal of record, etc.) in the table of ORACLE database created from an imported file.
  • Extensive settings for data import to ORACLE database.
  • Automatic creation of tables in ORACLE database.
  • Saving the import settings as projects for repeated launch.
  • Preliminary checking of loaded data.
  • Use of Oracle SQL*Loader utility for fast loading of great volumes of data.
  • A choice of Client Mode or Direct Mode, connection to ORACLE database
  • Possibility of moving the erroneous records to a separate file.
  • Etc.
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The installation package includes DBF file examples, for easier testing of the program functionality.

The demo version of the program has no time limit, but it can import only the first 5 records and only 5 fields from the DBF file structure.

For the provided DBF file examples there are no restrictions on the number of records so that you can experience the full functionality.